Training for trainers

Training for trainers

Make your virtual classes more effective with our certification courses.

Virtual Gurus helps individuals and organizations realize the potential of live online learning. In fact, 88% of learning professionals who have taken our courses have seen an increase in their evaluation scores.

Certification courses.

Ensure you are at the forefront of live online learning - become a certified professional today!

Virtual Gurus' certification courses develop the skills and know-how to take your training expertise to the next level.

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Compelling and impactful design drives effective learning.  Learn how to design content for virtual classes that engages learners and leaves a lasting impression.

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Live online learning is fast becoming the norm for global organizations. Update and maximize your facilitation skills to deliver great virtual classes. 

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Effective support is key to the success of any virtual event. Producers support the faculty, audience and platform to ensure virtual events run smoothly and exceed expectations.

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Designing and delivering live online learning.

Current trends by the numbers:

Continuous learning.

Track progress and access resources using our online learning platform.

Our state-of-the-art learning paths enable you to digest learning resources, monitor progress and interact with your trainer – whenever and wherever you want.

Continuous Learning

Who are our courses for?

Consistent global delivery, faster deployment, more effective training.

Live online learning is revolutionising the way people access, consume, share and apply learning. Develop and update the skills of your in-company trainers and instructional designers and reap the benefits of virtual classes designed and delivered well.

More innovative, more engaging, more compelling virtual training.

Looking to update your facilitation or instructional design skills? Uncertain about using live online learning as a training format? The Virtual Gurus certification courses will guide you through the steps to mastering not just the technology but also the dynamics and nuances needed to design and deliver impactful virtual classes. 

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