Event Choreography

A Virtual Guru possesses the ability to choreograph the session and activities for maximum impact.

Ensuring that your virtual event has the right structure, tools, and runs as you need it to, is key to achieving a purposeful and engaging event.

Event Choreography

Develop the skills to produce and deliver impactful virtual events.

Our Event Choreography course equips participants with the interpersonal skills and technical know-how required to support virtual classes and events.

Why the need for Event Choreography?

Can’t we just ’wing it’?

A great virtual event needs planning and preparation, often more so than a face to face equivalent.

Of course there is the technology to work with, activities that need to de thought through and designed with the virtual toolset in mind. The presenters and hosts need to know who is doing what and when – you are putting on a performance – lets get it right!

92% of learners rate their learning experience as good or excellent

Event Choreography.

Areas of expertise

Event Storyboarding - Identify how best to achieve the event’s intended purpose by creating high level design for how the virtual event(s) will be delivered.

Content Design - Create content designed specifically for use in the virtual event, taking into account visual design of slides, use of the various tools, and materials to support the virtual audience.

Activity Design - Create session activities using the platform toolset to support the audience in working through activities designed to achieve the desired outcome of the virtual event.

Session Flow - Manage session activities and time allocated, to achieve the desired outcome of the virtual event.

Team Delivery - Prepare the ‘delivery team’ (self, co-presenter/moderator, SME’s etc.) to deliver the intended session, activities and discussions for the virtual event.

Session Test - Conduct dry run/rehearsal/pilot to determine that the design can be delivered within the time allocated for the virtual event(s).

Developing the virtual mindset, knowledge and skills.

Digital learning, virtual classes and assessment clinics

Find out how we can start to develop your Event Choreography today.

Develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities needed to choreograph the session and activities in your virtual event to ensure it runs smoothly and achieves its purpose.


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