Providing virtual expertise to your organisation.

At Virtual Gurus we can support your organisation in ensuring your virtual events run smoothly and professionally.

You may need support in developing the right virtual communication strategy, or providing an implementation plan to maximise adoption and effectiveness, again our experienced team can provide you with that level of expertise.

Our support packages range from virtual event design, providing event facilitators who can steer the event in the right direction, or virtual producers who can take control of the technical aspects, leaving you to deliver your event effortlessly.


Why choose Virtual Gurus?

Global delivery, local expertise

Strategy and implementation

We can support your organisation in developing the right virtual platform strategy, create a robust implementation plan, and successfully embed web conferencing technologies within your organisation.

Virtual platform experts

With over 12 years experience, we know how to design, deliver and support virtual events that can transform the way in which your organisation is able to meet, present and train virtually.

Support and guidance

We are experts in supporting virtual events – from designing interactive and engaging virtual learning, to supporting your CEO in delivering company updates. Whatever the need, we are here to assist.

What are the business benefits of using web conferencing technologies?

Reduces travel costs

Extends learning to global audiences

Reduces out of office time

Supports learning for remote workers

Reduces overall training costs

Improves training quality

Speeds up response to training needs

Reduces carbon footprint

Turnkey managed services.

Effective strategy, design and production.


Effective use of web conferencing starts with a robust plan.

Virtual events are transforming the levels of productivity across diverse and complex organisations by reducing the need for face to face events in the workplace.

High touch virtual meetings, presentations, and learning can now be deployed quickly and efficiently with real impact.

Virtual Gurus can help you identify the critical factors for virtual success in your organisation.

From advice on appropriate technologies, through to implementation plans, upskilling your employees, pilot programmes or global deployment, we can help at each crucial step.

Event design.

We'll optimise your materials for delivery in virtual events.

Content designed for traditional face-to-face will almost certainly never work in virtual events without considerable adjustment.

Every successful live online event starts with good design. This means ensuring session content has been developed or adapted with the technology and the virtual environment in mind.

Key design considerations should include assessment of technical limitations, extent of attendee interaction, modes of engagement, linguistic constraints, and event purpose.

Virtual and digital delivery.

Our team are ready to support the development of your Virtual Gurus.

Our digital learning tools are accessible 24/7. Benefit from virtual workshops, certification programmes, assessment clinics or event support - all designed to ensure your employees’ next virtual event is successful.

As virtual event experts we know what is required to run a successful and engaging live online event. With an extended team of 200 associates across the globe we are able to assess, coach and mentor your Virtual Gurus.

training delivery

Producer services.

Let our team of expert producers manage your next virtual event.

Providing the right level of support to the delivery team (facilitator, meeting host, presenter, CEO) is a key factor to the success of any live online event.

Our producers manage the more challenging technical aspects of live online events allowing the presenter to focus their energy on delivering the content as smoothly as possible.

We offer flexible packages to ensure the right level of support for you and your people.

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