Platform Fluency.

A Virtual Guru possesses the ability to leverage the virtual platform toolset purposely.

Moving beyond knowing how the virtual platform operates and functions, the Virtual Guru can identify how best to leverage various tools like chat, whiteboard, polls and breakout rooms to create an engaging and interactive event.

Platform Fluency

Learn how to leverage the virtual toolset to best effect during your virtual event, using the tools to keep your audience engaged, and to support achieving your event purpose.

In developing your Platform Fluency, you will develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities needed to engage your virtual learners with the virtual toolset, and deliver virtual events that have impact.

Who needs Platform Fluency?

Is it not just about learning what platform tools there are?

To create maximum impact when using web conferencing platforms basic user knowledge will not suffice. To really get the most from the tool you need to harness the full suite of features.

92% of learners rate their learning experience as good or excellent

Platform Fluency

Areas of Expertise

Platform Tools - Discover the toolset available within the provided virtual platform(s), such as chat, polls, whiteboards, screen sharing, application sharing, breakout rooms.

Platform Functionality - Operate the available toolset within the provided virtual platform(s) efficiently and seamlessly.

Deliberate Choice - Identify when and how to use specific tools within the virtual platform(s).

Platform Setup - Complete session administration and event setup, and distribute clear joining instructions.

Platform setup - Setup the live session, to include room layout, sharing of materials, room and participant privileges/controls.

Troubleshoot Technology - Solve technical issues within the virtual platform that may occur for themselves and others.

Event Preparation - Identify what is an effective setup, environment, and back up plan/contingencies to mitigate both technical and environmental challenges.

Developing your virtual mindset, knowledge and skills.

Digital learning, virtual classes and assessment clinics

Every learner is different so we have created a number of different learning interventions to suit your organisation's needs and audience availability.

Our self paced learning delivery is available digitally via the Virtual Gurus Campus.

Learners will engage with skilled facilitators who can support and develop their practical knowledge of virtual events.

Our virtual assessments allow learners to monitor their progress and showcase their virtual achievements.

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Virtual Gurus Campus.

All the support you’ll need - digitally

The Virtual Gurus Campus comprises of tools, resources, job aids and assessments that will support and enhance the learning experience.

Find out how we can support the development of your Platform Fluency today.

Develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities needed to leverage virtual platforms.


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