Virtual classroom facilitation – a licence to thrill (lessons from 007)

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When you think of any James Bond movie you know you are going to be entertained watching the secret agent mesmerise us with his incredible skills, pull off risky manoeuvres, take us on great chase scenes, and there is guaranteed to be bucket loads of action.

But, can we think that way in our virtual classrooms? Why not?

You have the licence to thrill whether that licence is for Adobe Connect, WebEx or any of the other various virtual platforms that can support virtual learning, but what may be missing are those incredible skills to engage and enthral learners for the virtual classroom, your ability to manage the risky manoeuvres of running effective breakout sessions, and whether you provide bucket loads of action for your virtual learners.

Sadly, so many times virtual events become more ho-hum than blockbuster, more a damp firework than an awesome display, at Virtual Gurus, we know what it takes to be the James (or Jane) Bond of the virtual classroom. Here is an overview of what we call ‘The Virtual Gurus Competency Model’.



Our virtual facilitation competency model supports the would be virtual facilitator to focus on three areas, each required to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to be a first class virtual facilitator.

Platform Fluency, like James Bond has Q providing him with the latest gadgets, so you will have your own Q in your organisation that has given you access to the virtual platform of choice. Well like Bond, you need to get to grips with the gadget, know how the virtual platform not only functions, but also how you can leverage this virtual dynamic to best effect.

Virtual Presence, you may not wear the Saville Row suits, dinner jackets and bow ties of James Bond, but you do need to work on how you ‘turn-up’ in the virtual event, remember first impressions count and as you will recall James makes sure every one counts – from the way you engage your virtual audience, direct and command your invisible participants, and ensure your online persona delivers. 

Event Choreography, Bond is always on a mission, thankfully for us as virtual facilitators our mission is less likely to include explosions, balls of fire, and other amazing stunts, but we do need to ensure that the way in which the event has been choreographed is done with the same impeccable timing of the secret agent. 

Join me at Techknowledge in San Jose in January where my session ‘Virtual Classroom Facilitation – a licence to thrill’ will help you to look at the competency model in depth, identify what is needed to take your next virtual event to a box office success.

About the Author: David Smith

David is Global Director of Virtual Learning Solutions at Virtual Gurus, and is passionate about supporting individuals and organisations in getting the most from delivering training virtually. He is a regular speaker at international training conferences and Citrix webinars. 

In his spare time he enjoys many sports (unfortunately most as a spectator), has a family that keeps him young, loves Spanish Tapas and great red wines. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter

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