Virtual Presence.

A Virtual Guru possesses the ability to ‘command’ the virtual stage, bringing their true self into the virtual event.

How well we ‘turn up’ in the virtual event depends on our level of virtual presence and how we engage with our invisible audience.

Virtual Presence

Be able to ‘command’ the virtual stage by conveying the best virtual version of yourself.

In developing your Virtual Presence, you will advance your knowledge, skills and capabilities needed to captivate and engage your virtual audience.

Who needs Virtual Presence?

Can’t I just log-in and be me?

The virtual environment alters the way in which you engage and interact with an invisible audience. Being able to project the best version of you and command the attention of your virtual attendees is what makes you a Virtual Guru.

92% of learners rate their learning experience as good or excellent

Virtual Presence.

Areas of Expertise

Virtual Awareness - Identify the key facilitation differences when moving face-to-face event into a virtual format.

Virtually Present - Project confidence in their ability to utilize the toolset within the virtual platform(s).

Vocally Present - Interact and engage effectively with the virtual audience in the way that they use their voice in the virtual event.

Visually Present - Operate and project using webcam – understanding the 4 key elements of DABL – Distance, Angle, Background and Lighting.

Audience Engagement - Manage audience engagement through effective questioning and instructions for virtual audiences to respond.

Audience Interaction - Manage audience interaction through purposeful tools use.

Audience Empowerment - Direct and support the audience in achieving the event purpose.

Developing the virtual mindset, knowledge and skills

Digital learning, virtual classes and assessment clinics

Find out how we support the development of your Virtual Presence today.

Develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities needed to take command of the virtual environment and engage and interact successfully with your invisible attendees.


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