Whitepaper: The Importance of Engaging the Modern Learner

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The late, great Steve Jobs of Apple fame once said “We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”

Our universe as learning and development professionals consists of our stakeholders, the business and our learners and I believe that to make a dent in our universe we need to realise the importance of engaging the modern learner.

Without truly engaging our 21st century learner audience we are in danger of falling short of creating the dent that is needed.

Our latest whitepaper explores the challenge of engaging the modern learner. Recent research from Bersin showed that the modern learner is likely to be distracted with so many different inputs available to them in learning – learning formally, from others, with peers and even learning from Google (searching online for answers), learners are overwhelmed with information overload, accessibility of information, and they are time pressured, after all who has enough time in their working day to achieve everything?

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About the Author: David Smith

David is Global Director of Virtual Learning Solutions at Virtual Gurus, and is passionate about supporting individuals and organisations in getting the most from delivering training virtually. He is a regular speaker at international training conferences and Citrix webinars. 

In his spare time he enjoys many sports (unfortunately most as a spectator), has a family that keeps him young, loves Spanish Tapas and great red wines. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter

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